Our History

Who we are


GoldHastings Media was built on a philosophy of great people and great work.

In 2005, Gold Hastings made it his mission to create websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online. From day one,
GoldHastings Media has been dedicated to bringing together the most creative minds in the industry to deliver results-driven work for our clients. Over 8 years later, our core mission of being united, creative, curious, and committed is stronger than ever.


We design, develop and deliver web and mobile applications that drive today’s businesses, ameliorate and enhance business capability, reduce customer acquisition lead times, accelerate top line growth, create better brand and ultimately beat competition.


Supported by broad research and development, GoldHastings uses its strengths in technology, software, mobile as well as customer service to create new revenue-generating opportunities for its customers and at the same time reducing the overheads, while enabling them to quickly deploy and better manage and direct their businesses.

We Bring Our Clients Results

As An Award-Winning Agency


We focus on our clients’ business goals and deliver on measurable solutions for online growth and greater brand loyalty. Before starting any project, we dive into our clients’ business to understand their value and market place. We then provide customized solutions that are tailored to generate results.


Our creative design and development teams create unique web and mobile sites that stand out in any industry. We have been recognized for our client work across all of our departments. Awards are nice, but the results and value we bring our clients are more important to us.


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